A year of Remtek Workplace

A year of Remtek Workplace

As we approach the end of 2022, we have taken the time to reflect on the last 12 months and the achievements of the ergonomics arm of Remtek Systems; Remtek Workplace.  

Remtek Workplace was developed in 2021 to ensure that students, employees and home workers have the tools to create a working environment that is as comfortable as possible.  

Instead of expecting people to adapt to a design that forces them to work in an uncomfortable, stressful or dangerous way, our dedicated specialists try to understand how a product, workplace or system can be designed to suit the people who need to use it. 

Our specialist, ergonomics team has been leading the way with expert assessments followed by bespoke advice and support. Chris Barlow who heads up our ergonomics team explained “Ergonomics is a huge consideration for employers. Helping employees to feel comfortable when working ensures that they can achieve maximum productivity. 

We have seen that people become so uncomfortable when sitting at their desk for long periods of time that they must take time off to recover. The dramatic increase in home working and makeshift workstations has also resulted in even more musculoskeletal issues meaning there is a greater need for reliable DSE assessments and professional ergonomic recommendations.

Another major concern is that people have been issued the wrong ergonomics equipment or purchased an item without a full assessment, which can enhance injuries or pain rather than acting as an aid.  

Our thorough assessments are completely unique and ensure that by reviewing someone’s working environment in detail we can recommend the most suitable item to support them.” 

Throughout the year we have been travelling the nation, carrying out DSE assessments in a range of working environments and updating our blog regularly with useful tips and advice to help employees to work safely and comfortably.

This year’s first blog offered 5 proven tips on how to set up an ergonomic workstation. In this article we explained that understanding what ergonomics is can greatly help employees, employers, and those who are self-employed. Having an ergonomic workspace may seem challenging for some but we’re here to show how ergonomics can work for you.

Creating an effective ergonomic workstation varies from person to person. Our Head of Ergonomics, Chris Barlow explains “An ergonomic workstation is an area that is designed based on the body specification and needs of each individual. Having the correct posture means that the height of the chair, the height of the monitor, and other equipment you will be using for work do not disrupt the correct posture of your body.

The full article can be viewed here.

The human body wasn’t designed for desk work with experts recommending that you change your workstation often to get more movement throughout your day. Our Head of Ergonomics, Chris Barlow looked at some of the issues that arise when individuals are working in an environment that isn’t fit for purpose including neck and shoulder pain. Our popular article ‘How to reduce neck and shoulder pain from sitting at a computer’ explored the 5 main reasons that neck and shoulder pains arise and what you can do to tackle this problem.

Throughout the year we also explored the responsibilities of employers and advised on what is expected from an organisation and how they can best look after employee health and wellbeing. We understand that the HSE expects employers to create a safe work environment for all employees, regardless of where they work. In reference to this our first employer article looked at whether employers are required to provide ergonomic equipment for remote employees and our second employer article explored whether a DSE assessment is a legal requirement.

To summarise DSE assessments are put into place to protect screen users under the 1992 DSE Health and Safety regulations. Workers who use display screen technology for an hour or more on a daily basis must complete a DSE examination. Working at a poorly constructed workstation can have a detrimental impact on your health and put you at risk of subsequent difficulties.

Our Head of Ergonomics Chris Barlow commented “Many employers are unaware of their responsibilities when it comes to risk assessing their remote employees, and the available ergonomic equipment that can not only reduce risk factors but also increase staff productivity. We’re here to help.

Over the last year, we’ve seen an array of home-based workstations including the use of kitchen worktops and ironing boards. The results of continuing working in this fashion could be catastrophic for employees and employers. With some simple recommendations and adjustments, any working environment can be made fit for its purpose. We recommend having a DSE assessment with one of our trusted ergonomic specialists.

A workstation or DSE assessment is a legal requirement for all DSE users (including home workers) to ensure your business complies with the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992. We recommend carrying out a DSE assessment when;

  • A new member of staff starts work 
  • A new workstation is set up 
  • An existing workstation is changed

We offer three types of DSE assessment including 1. Standard, 2. Escalated workplace and 3. Complex. All of our assessments are carried out by trained professionals and after recommendations have been made, we can help employees to choose and implement the most appropriate equipment if any additional equipment is indeed required, most often, adjustments to current equipment and working habits are most suitable. If you would like more information about ergonomic equipment for remote employees or DSE assessments email me directly at ergo@remtek-online.co.uk.”

During the summer Chris was also the guest speaker on Graham Coath’s ‘Wow Ergonomics’ Podcast. The full channel can be viewed here.

A year of Remtek Workplace

2023 for Remtek Workplace

So, what is in store for Remtek Workplace in 2023?

Our aim for the new year will be to continue our mission to helping employers and employees in creating safe and comfortable workspaces. Chris and his team will be hard at work carrying out DSE assessments in a range of locations and promoting our home workers sale.

Remtek Systems Director, John Farrar added “The aim of Remtek Workplace was to take the great ergonomics service that we have been delivering in the DSA industry for so many years and with which we have had much success, and offer it to employers and employees in a commercial marketplace. We have been able to expand our presence in a commercial marketplace and ensure that organisations have the tools to better support employee wellbeing through reliable DSE assessments and effective ergonomic equipment. We want to continue with that great service in 2023 and offer even more employees and organisations the support that they need.” 

For further information we have a DSE risk assessment example available to view here or for a FREE DSE assessment in 2023 contact us at ergo@remtek-online.co.uk using the reference ‘DSEFREEassessment’.

Alternatively, if you have an ergonomics question call our experts today on 0161 7458353.

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