All your DSE Assessment questions answered

All your DSE Assessment questions answered

As part of Remtek’s drive to improve DSE assessment provision, awareness and standards we’re sharing some of the most commonly asked questions in today’s article.

There is a lot of confusion around what is expected from employers and how DSE assessments are best carried out. We’re demystifying the process to help get employers across the nation up to speed.

All of our questions have been answered by our Lead Ergonomic Assessor, Chris Barlow.

All your DSE Assessment questions answered

What are DSE assessments?

A DSE (display screen equipment) assessment is a risk assessment of a workstation. It is a legal requirement under the health and safety regulations 1992 that any employers carry out an assessment for workers who uses DSE for one hour or more per day. It encompasses the entire workstation, the job being done, and any special requirements of the member of staff. Where there are risks, steps should be taken to reduce them.

As an employer am I required to carry out DSE assessments?

DSE assessments are a legal requirement as part of the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) regulations and employers have a duty of care to provide employees with a workstation assessment.

When should an assessment be carried out?

A DSE assessment is required when:

  • A new member of staff starts work
  • A new workstation is set up
  • An existing workstation is changed

Are assessments carried out face to face or remotely?

All our team members are qualified DSE assessors with many years’ experience assessing complex cases through the Disabled Student Allowance.

We carry out all our assessments face to face unless specified by the client (such as if they are shielding).

The assessment is carried out in an individual’s main work/study environment by one of our assessment team.

What type of assessment are there?

  • Level 1 Standard DSE assessment
  • Level 2 Escalated DSE assessment
  • Level 3 Complex DSE assessment

Why should I choose Remtek Workplace?

Our extensive product knowledge will ensure that the most suitable solutions for individual’s needs are addressed.

We set the standard for ergonomic assessments and have a proven record of positive results where our recommendations have been applied. Our aim is to set and ensure that ergonomics best practice is maintained across all types of working environments.

We encourage all ergonomic providers to promote face to face assessments to ensure the most appropriate recommendations are made and only deliver remote assessments when specifically requested.

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