Delivery Conditions


We aim to deliver equipment by offering you a delivery date no later than 10 working days from the day that you contact us and you are in a position to arrange delivery. i.e. after all presales enquiries are resolved and any chargeable enhancement s or changes paid for or the funding agreed for them. We will need you to agree to these terms and condition at the latest before delivery is made.

You can choose a date outside that timescale but you will need to specifically ask for that.

Delivery, set up and familiarisation option.

Our appointments are all made for a specific time with delivery, set up and familiarisation taking place at the same time.

We will arrive as close to the agreed time as possible and you will need to be available for 1 hour to 1.5 hours. Or a 2 hour appointment when specified. The above will be performed by one of our technicians specifically trained for that purpose. In order to ensure conformity to our standards we do not use third party installers. You should be available at the time of delivery in order to sign any documentation and have familiarisation on your equipment. We do not normally do training the same day as delivery and we will not offer this service to you. However you can request this and we can then make special arrangements outside our normal procedures for you to have this.

If due to unforeseen circumstances you are not available you can delegate to a named third party. We are unable to deliver to another person without prior arrangements made by you. It is therefore important that you contact us as soon as possible,

These Terms and Conditions will be place on your desktop.

Delivery only

Your order may only require delivery and this will usually be made by post or a courier service. In certain circumstances and at our discretion we reserve the right to deliver to a time appointment system. In this situation you should be available at the time of delivery in order to sign any documentation such as the equipment list. You can delegate to a named third party if you prefer.

We arrange this delivery on the basis that you accept these Terms and Conditions.

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