Disability Awareness Training

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Disability awareness training.

Disability Awareness Training [workforce] (2 hours) 

This 2-hour engaging session is designed for the whole workforce to improve their knowledge and understanding of ‘disability’ and the prevalence of both hidden and visible differences in the workplace. The training will highlight small changes that help to create an inclusive culture where everyone can thrive.  

Hidden differences can often go unidentified and subsequently unsupported in the workplace. Yet with simple reasonable adjustments, barriers can be reduced or removed allowing each individual’s strengths to shine through. Reasonable adjustments aren’t the only enabling tool available to you. This workshop will also explore simple steps that can help teams embed a culture of inclusion, creating an anticipatory welcome for all.   

The workshop aims to:  

  • Create a safe and inclusive training environment 
  • Increase awareness, understanding and confidence around disability 
  • Explain the different models of disability 
  • Highlight different types of learning differences, neurodiversity (ie. dyslexia) and their various impacts 
  • Share good disability etiquette 
  • Change mindsets! 

Disability can and most likely will affect us all at least temporarily, so understanding that this isn’t a deficit and that strategies and support is available to help individuals is key to creating an inclusive space. Sharing an experience with disability and advocating for support can be a scary thing, but with enough awareness and understanding, this can become a really positive step forward, helping an individual to utilise these strategies fully, with confidence in their work.

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