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Disability Inclusion Training.

Our interactive training workshops are designed to increase awareness around a range of diversity issues as well as giving participants the practical skills needed to embed an inclusive approach to neurodiversity and disability in your workplace. 

 We believe in facilitating culture change across the wider workforce, where a programme of knowledge raising, training and support plays a major role in the embedding of inclusive culture within your organisation. 

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How we could benefit you?

All of our training is specifically tailored to identify and meet your needs, so if you have something specific in mind, let us know! Here are some of our most popular workshops and training sessions: 

  • Embedding inclusivity for all in the workplace 
  • Everyone has mental health; embedding a culture of wellbeing 
  • Universal tools for improving accessibility: free assistive technology and strategies 
  • Everyday mindfulness: managing stress and anxiety 
  • Inclusive communications 
  • Mental Health First Aid 

 Contact us today to discuss your organisations requirements.

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