Apex bed wedge

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The apex bed wedge is for use when sitting or sleeping to provide maximum comfort and support. The triangular pillow shape is perfect for helping you maintain a more upright position to aid supported sleep. That way you can wake feeling rested, ready to face the day.

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Product Description

This pillow can be used in two different ways. If you turn it upright, with the shorter part of the cushion at the bottom, it is perfect for leaning against when sitting. This allows for easy reading, eating, watching television and just general relaxing for those who find normal cushions unsupportive.

The Apex bed wedge can also be laid flat. You may then place your regular pillow on the incline, allowing you to feel more propped up when sleeping – ideal for those with respiratory conditions.

It is also suitable for anyone else who may struggle to sleep well when lying flat, for instance, if you have a hiatus hernia, suffer from acid reflux or are recovering from an upper-body injury. The shape of the bed support wedge means it may also help to reduce snoring.

  • Bed Wedge for comfort and support
  • Can be used whilst sitting or sleeping

Washable cover included

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