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Giving you more focus and improved performance during work and better sleep at night.

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Product Description

Meet the EnergyByLight


An innovative bio-dynamic, human-centric, lighting fixture that provides the right task and ambient light at the right time for your (home) workspace. Automatically changing intensity and colour temperature, similar to the sun, promotes a sense of wellbeing and productivity by supporting your body’s natural circadian daylight rhythm.

By nature your body has been adapting to the sun, giving you energy throughout the day and a resting period during the night. The EnergyByLight is no different, it is not an artificial light but a bio-dynamic human-centric light that recreates the colour temperature and brightness of natural daylight found at your location throughout the course of a day, controlling your so-called circadian rhythm.



Circadian Rhythm?

The circadian daylight rhythm or day-night-rhythm is your human biological rhythm. It comprises 24 hours roughly split between 16 hours wakefulness and 8 hours sleep and can therefore also be called your sleep-wake cycle.

The release of the hormones cortisol and melatonin are controlled by your circadian daylight rhythm. Cortisol secretion is at its highest in the morning making you more productive. While the hormone melatonin decreases steadily with increasing daylight brightness, so you feel fit and well-rested during the day and become more tired when melatonin increases as the daylight decreases helps you to sleep better at night.

Sunlight is described by scientist as white light, it contains all the colours of the visible spectrum we see. This light however also changes in direction, brightness and colour temperature throughout the day. You have evolved as all animals and use these changes in daylight to synchronize your body clock.



How does bad light and sunlight affect me?

Poor lighting can have the most detrimental impact on the quality of your working day and your wellbeing in general. Most of us spent 90% of our waking time working under artifical inadequate lighting. Bad (artifical) light can lead to eye strain, headaches, concentration problems, tiredness and even a lack of sleep…

Biologically, sunlight controls all aspects of your waking and sleeping live, when to rest, when to be active and even when to eat. Your body clock is tied to the movement of the sun and is
crucial for your long term health.

Right light is needed to perform your tasks, the light for working is different to that of relaxing, reading, writing, listening to music watching TV or socializing, it is important light is optimized for your comfort.

Emotionally, sunlight has the greatest positive impact, we all feel much better when the sun shines, many of us can feel depressed in winter and seasonal disorders associated for too little daylight affects our Happiness.


Absence sensor

EnergyByLight promises low energy consumption and a long-life cycle of approximately 50,000 hours. The EnergyByLight monitors if you are present in the room by using an absence sensor at the top of the product. If there is no movement detected for a set time, the light switches off automatically. This guarantees low energy consumption and not only reduces costs, but also makes it more sustainable and efficient.


Rubber bottom

This way your EnergyByLight always stays firmly in place on your desk.


Manual control

Brightness and colour temperature are manually adjustable with the touch buttons of the lamp itself. To reveal the automatic circadium rhythm settings and your offset preferences it is strongly recommended to use the EnergyByLight app.


EnergyByLight App

You can easily set the circadian rhythm with the help of the EnergyByLight-App. Download the App via the QR code on the base of the luminaire and connect your smartphone, set your location and the EnergyByLight automatically follows the circadian rhythm for your region. EnergyByLight simply adapts to the daylight and automatically controls the colour temperature and brightness throughout the day.


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