Contour RollerMouse Pro3 plus

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RollerMouse Pro3 plus is developed for demanding tasks that requires repetitive movements and is a great option for professionals and anyone else who uses a mouse for long periods every day.

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Product Description

The width of this RollerMouse makes it especially suitable for standard or full-size keyboards for comfortable typing. With RollerMouse Pro3 plus you will experience the benefit of an extra deep wrist rest for increased comfort. It offers a longer and smoother transition from the desk to RollerMouse and keyboard because it is bigger and deeper than the regular wrist rest on Pro3. This means your hands and arms can rest more flat, and thus more natural without tension.

Additional comfort.

Pro3 plus promotes an even better and more ergonomic working posture for you and provides additional comfort for computer users with larger hands and longer fingers. The soft inner core of the wrist rest is similar to memory foam and is covered with durable leatherette, giving a soft support to both hands and underarms and distributing pressure over a wider area.

Adjustable features.

Pro3 plus is designed with helpful features such as copy – paste button with one click, 3 different mode options and the option to customize your click force and cursor speed. Choose from ten cursor speeds ranging from 600 to 2400 dpi by using the central cursor speed button. Blue lights signify which speed setting you are currently using from lowest to highest. You can adjust the amount of pressure required to perform a mouse click. Use the click-force tension slider located under your RollerMouse Pro3 plus. Simply slide it until you find the tension that works best for you.

A new look.

An aluminium base reduces risk of slipping. A leatherette wrist support runs the length of the incline of the unit. The scroll wheel is slicker, making it easier to use and navigate across the page. RollerMouse Pro3 plus comes with risers that are inserted at the centre of the unit, and covered with rubber to keep your RollerMouse Pro3 plus in a firm and steady position. The more fixed RollerMouse Pro3 plus is on the table or desk, the easier it is for you to find the right buttons and maintain your preferred working position.

  • Work with your hands inside the optimal work zone, eliminating straining movements
  • Fits all size keyboards and is especially suitable for full width keyboards
  • Eight button functions with many practical features such as “one touch” double click, copy and paste. 5 buttons are pre-programmed.
  • Keyboard risers make it possible to customize keyboard height and angle to ensure optimal comfort and working position
  • Smooth operating rollerbar for cursor control, with a wider opening that encourages the use of both hands
  • Leatherette wrist rests
  • RollerMouse Pro3 plus has 3 modes. PC- mode, Mac-mode and HID-mode (Linux)
  • Plug and play USB installation – no driver required
  • Two-year warranty
  • Suitable for PC and Mac
  • Measurements: (height/length/depth): 2.7 cm x 51.4 cm x 15 cm


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