Ergo-Q 160

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A laptop stand with a lot of stability, quality and power.

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Product Description

The high-quality aluminium sandwich material in several layers makes it very stable and indestructible. A compact size, magnetic closure and a very lightweight make the laptop stand ideally suitable for mobile work. The Ergo-Q 160 is appropriate for almost any laptop size (up to 17 inches) and works also for tablets and mobile screens. A quick installation of your device is guaranteed, with five levels for the height-adjustment. From now on you will work in a healthier posture with the Ergo-Q 160 laptop stand and raise your laptop screen to the optimum height and viewing angle.


Just set it up.

The Ergo-Q 160 can be set up in a few seconds. Unfold it and simply put the connection piece, which is made of the high-quality aluminium sandwich material, in one of the five slots. The highly stable stand and the anti-slip feet on the underside promise a firm working setup for your laptop on any surface.
  • Adjust your laptop screen to the correct height, angle, and distance so that you automatically adopt an ergonomically correct posture.


High-quality aluminium sandwich material in the trend colour dark grey.

The high-quality aluminium sandwich material of the Ergo-Q 160 is lighter than aluminum and at the same time more resistant to dents. The Ergo-Q 160 consists of one thin and one thick layer of aluminium sandwich material. This special composition makes it extraordinary stable and indestructible. The open design of the laptop stand gives enough ventilation space, so that your laptop stays cool.
  • The dark grey design with a matt surface of the Ergo-Q 160 is modern and elegant.
  • And is an absolute eye-catcher for every workplace.

Ergonomic background

  1. Distance between your eyes and the screen should be 50-80 cm (approximately an arm length), depending on monitor size and resolution. Adjust the distance of your screen (VGB DGUV Information 215-410, 2019, S. 93.).
  2. The angle of your line of vision to the middle of the screen should be approximately -35°, so also adjust the height of your screen (VGB DGUV Information 215-410, 2019, S.46.
  3. A laptop is not suitable for longer use without external devices.
  4. If a laptop is used for more than one hour at a time, external devices are required to meet legal requirements and practice guidelines.

To be able to work comfortably and productively with a laptop for a long time, a laptop stand, an external mouse, and an external keyboard are therefore indispensable. If you use an external monitor and position the laptop screen at the same height, both can also be used as a dual screen.

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