FlexTop 170

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Quality laptop stand with a welcome price.

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Product Description

The high-quality, lightweight aluminium sandwich material in the trend colour dark grey with a matt finish, makes it resistant to dents and gives the FlexTop 170 an exclusive look. The flexible height adjustment strap ensures an easy and quick installation of your laptop in one of the seven heights. The Anti-slip feet for a secure stand and a foam lining to protect your device from scratches complete the features of the FlexTop 170. Adjust your laptop screen to the optimum height and viewing angle with the FlexTop 170. More visual comfort, a better posture, and the best comfort for you when you are working on the computer.

Easy setup.

The FlexTop 170 can be easily unfolded. Simply loosen the flexible height adjustment strap from the magnetic lock at the bottom. Then choose one of the seven heights and set your personal optimal height level between 110 mm and 225 mm. Position lightweight laptops (up to 16 inches), tablets and mobile screens on the FlexTop 170, the foam lining protects the devices from scratches. The anti-slip feet at the bottom ensure that the laptop stand remains firmly in place.
  • Adjust your laptop screen to the correct height, angle, and distance so that you automatically adopt an ergonomically correct posture.

More comfort in a healthy posture.

With the FlexTop 170 you get your screen to the right height, angle, and distance. When you raise your laptop screen (tablet, mobile screen) and reduce the viewing distance with the FlexTop 170, you prevent unnecessary bending of your neck and back “into your screen”. You will sit with an upright and healthier posture in front of your screen and reduce physical discomfort.

Made of high-quality material with an exclusive look.

The FlexTop170 is made of unique aluminium sandwich material and has a light weight of just 225 g. This sandwich material is also used in the automotive industry because it is lighter than aluminium and particularly resistant to dents and stains. In addition, the material is very easy to clean and durable. The open design not only makes the FlexTop 170 look light and modern, but also ensures that your laptop stays cool on the sides.

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Optimal for your mobile work.

The FlexTop 170 is ideal for your mobile screen work e.g., when you are working in the home office or during a meeting in the office, simply anywhere, where an even surface is guaranteed. The two thin layers of the aluminium sandwich material promise a firm working setup for your laptop on low-vibration surfaces. With a folded size 206 x 277 x 7 mm, this laptop stand is super compact and ultra-thin. You can easily put this laptop stand in a drawer or laptop bag at the end of a working day, thanks to its compact size it does not take much place. With the included environmentally friendly protective sleeve, the laptop stand is protected, and a long lifetime is guaranteed.
Ideal height.
The height adjustment range of the FlexTop 170 is 110 mm to 225 mm and is divided into seven levels. In the twinkling of an eye, you can bring up your laptop screen to a comfortable eye level, take the strain off your neck and work pain-free. With the right height you will automatically work more comfortable, and above all more productively.



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