Handshoe mouse

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The HandShoe Mouse was developed to address the ergonomic issues found with both standard and vertical mice.

Product Description

Support of your hand and fingers prevents gripping and pinching and your arm is supported at the ideal angle of 25-30 degrees which makes sure your forearm is completely relaxed.

Highly supportive ergonomic design – The innovative shape of the HandShoe Mouse ensures the user’s hand, thumb and finger are supported in a relaxed and comfortable position. The design means the hand can continuously rest on the mouse body so there is also no friction between the desktop work surface and the skin of your hand.

Design based on academic research – The ergonomics of the HandShoe Mouse has been confirmed by EMG measurement experiments conducted by academic researchers from the medical centre of Erasmus University in the Netherlands.

However excellent the functionality of the standard computer mouse, we all use it with great ease, most of the time it is too small for the hand, while its shape forces your hand and fingers in an unnatural gripping position. It lacks comfort and the gripping and pinching, as well as the hovering of your fingers above the mouse buttons are the major sources of complaints which may lead to Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Research teams have also tested a vertical mouse and found that gripping and pinching of a vertical mouse is still a potential source of RSI or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Another medical university found that with a vertical mouse the “interosseous membrane” is extremely taut (“stressed”) which also may lead to complaints.

Ergonomic control placement – Controls consist of 2 buttons at an ergonomic position with the fingers and a scroll wheel fitted with a switch mechanism. The large size HandShoe Mouse has a third switch button.

High resolution optical technology – Precise and accurate optical technology for responsive and smooth cursor tracking. Lithium ion battery – >3 hour charge time. 2 year battery life.

Available in 3 standard sizes for the right hand: small, medium and large. To choose the correct size mouse, measure the inside of the stretched out hand, the distance from your wrist (the cross over between hand and arm) up to the tip of the ring finger. This length provides an indication of the required size.

Available in wired and wireless versions

  • Allows the hand to rest in a natural relaxed position.
  • Supports hand, wrist and thumb.
  • Three sizes available to suit a range of users.
  • Prevents gripping and pinching of the mouse.
  • Re-chargeable battery in wireless version.
  • Scroll wheel fitted with a switch button.
  • Blue Ray technology or USB connection.
  • Compatibility: Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, XP, Vista and Windows 7, Mac OS 9 or Mac OS X, Unix
  • Plug and play USB connectivity.
  • Wireless range: 10 m.

HandShoe Measurement Guide

The table below is an aid to help you determine which HandShoe Mouse size you will need.

You should measure your hand size using a ruler and compare the result to determine the recommended size. Measure from the tip of the ring finger to the first wrist crease with your hand held flat, as shown in the figure above.

SmallUp to 170mm

Please note: The small and medium versions have 2 control buttons and a scroll wheel with switch button. The large version has 3 control buttons and a scroll wheel, the third control button is the switch button for the scroll wheel.

Small dimensions

  • Length 150 mm
  • Depth 110 mm
  • Height 40 mm
  • Weight 150 g

Additional information


Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large


Left Hand, Right Hand


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