Kinesis Freestyle 2 Ergonomic Keyboard

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The Freestyle 2 is an award-winning split keyboard designed to address the ergonomic risk factors related to typing by adjusting to your body. It provides supreme flexibility, with two separate keying modules that can be positioned in a wide variety of ways.

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Product Description

With up to 8-inch separation between the halves, or 20-inch separation with the extra-wide split model. This split design can truly accommodate any users hand placement

The compact key layout still includes an embedded numeric keypad on the right, activated with the Fn key, as well as driverless hot keys for commonly used mouse actions. (Internet Page Forward and Back, Undo, Web Home, Cut, Copy and Paste)

Most keyboards including ergonomic models have a 10-degree positive slope from front to back. These designs tend to bend your wrists. The Freestyle 2 has a zero-degree slope which minimizes the height, effectively creating a negative slope and reducing wrist extension.

Kits Available

Customize your Freestyle with one of the following kits for a more optimal operating position.

· V3 – Adds three-level tenting legs to the center of the keyboard.

· VIP3 – Palms rests combined with three-level tenting legs.

· Palm rests without lift kit.

· Ascent – Puts your Freestyle modules at almost any angle, including vertical.

· Width Min: 15.375 inches; Max: 23.50 inches

· Distance between F & J Keys: Min: 3.50 inches; Max: 11.50 inches

· Height 0.875 inches

· Depth: 7.125 inches; palm supports installed: 10 inches

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15-17" Displays, 10-13" Displays


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