Mousetrapper Laptop/Tablet Stand

£62.50 + VAT

The Mousetrapper Laptop/Tablet Stand is the best partner of iPad, E-Reader, Laptop and Tablet PC. Its ergonomic design helps users solve the problems associated with poor posture.

Product Description

Are you feeling tired in your neck and shoulders? Maybe it’s a matter of the wrong posture while working on your laptop or tablet.
The Mousetrapper Laptop/Tablet Stand helps you keep your head in an ergonomic position. By keeping your eyes at the right height at a comfortable distance, your work will be smoother and more enjoyable.

Key features

■ A slim design, made in aluminium; foldable and portable
■ Height and width adjustable
■ 6 different tilt positions for viewing comfort
■ Bag in neoprene material

Additional information


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