Mousetrapper Lite

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Lite is the base product in the Mousetrapper range, and is designed to suit a full-size keyboard. Lite is an ergonomic alternative to a mouse that prevents repetitive strain injuries and other problems that can occur when you use a conventional mouse

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Product Description

Benefits of Lite

Lite is the base product in the Mousetrapper range, and is designed to suit a full-size keyboard. It is intended for users who only need the right-click, scroll and click functions on the Mousetrapper’s unique
control pad. Lite also has soft, padded wrist supports available in titanium grey or red.

Key features

  • Four buttons with scroll and auto-scroll functions
  • Control pad with click function
  • USB plug-and-play
  • 1500 dpi


Because Mousetrapper is positioned centrally in front of the keyboard it encourages an ergonomically healthy position that keeps your arms close to your body and your hands near the keyboard. This helps you avoid and in many cases relieve strain injuries that can arise from over-stretching your arm, as you do with a conventional mouse. It eliminates the need to stretch beyond the keyboard while using the mouse. The wide, cushioned wrist supports also relieve strain on your neck, shoulders, arms and wrists.

Mousetrapper’s unique control pad

By placing your index, middle and ring fingers on the roller pad you can control the cursor with simple movements as the roller pad moves smoothly in two dimensions. You can also click anywhere on the roller pad.

Tips for better posture and ergonomics:

  • Adjust your chair so that your feet are supported on the floor and keep your back straight while you are sitting.
  • Keep your arms close to your body while working.
  • Rest your arms on wrist supports or your desk.
  • Vary your working position; use a stand-and-sit desk to alternate between standing and sitting.
  • Position the screen at a comfortable distance that does not put strain on your eyes or neck.
  • Avoid repetitive strain injuries (RSI) by reviewing your choice of mouse.


  • Width: 495 mm
  • Height: 25 mm
  • Depth: 125 mm
  • Weight: 670 g
  • Product code: Black/red MT115
  • Product code: Black/titanium grey MT114

Additional information

Weight0.67 kg
Dimensions12.5 × 49.5 × 2.5 cm

Black/red, Black/titanium grey


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