PRF Mouse Wireless

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The PRF Mouse Wireless is a vertical mouse that ensures an ergonomically way of working.

Product Description

Vertical shape. Healthy way of working.

Thanks to the well-designed fit, the PRF Mouse Wireless is for nearly any hand size. A wireless vertical mouse for right-handers, and it is ideally for mobile work, but you can also use it at your fixed workplace at home or in the office. With the PRF Precision Mouse, you can store the USB receiver behind the magnetic battery cover for transport. Further, this vertical mouse has easy to reach thumb buttons and an adjustable pointer speed button for more efficiency. Start now to improve your performance at work with the PRF Mouse Wireless.

The PRF Mouse Wireless has a comfortable inclination-angle of 60 degrees. Instead of placing the hand flat on the mouse, hold the hand vertically, like shaking hands. The 60 degrees inclination-angle not only ensures to bring your hand and wrist in the correct ergonomic working position, but it also promises a short familiarization to a vertical mouse.
Prolonged use of a typical mouse can lead to pain and discomfort in the shoulders, forearms, and hands, therefore, vertical mice compared to standard mice lead to a healthier and more comfortable way of working.


Wireless, use it everywhere.

You can take the PRF Mouse Wireless with you, wherever you do your mobile work. Use it in the conference room, during a client meeting, at your workplace in the office or at home, wherever you can imagine computer work. You have finished your work, and need to change the location? Just store the USB receiver of the PRF Mouse Wireless behind the magnetic battery cover, and never lose the USB receiver again. The wireless range is around 20 metres, so you can use it for example in a big conference room during a presentation.



Easy adjust the pointer speed.

The adjustable pointer speed button of the PRF Mouse Wireless is easy reachable behind the scroll-wheel. Simply switch between three DPI values: 800-1200-1600. For general use it is recommended to select a higher DPI, so the pointer moves faster on the screen. For more precisely work, select a lower DPI value.


Start now. Plug-and-play.

The PRF Mouse Wireless can be added to the computer without having to do a manual configuration. Just put the USB Receiver in your computer and start working. The PRF Mouse Wireless is suitable for both USB-A and USB-C ports thanks to the included adapter.


Luxurious look.

The PRF Mouse Wireless offers not only functionality and ergonomic, but it also comes in a sleek look. It has a black design with metallic effects. Thanks to the well-designed shape, this mouse is universal and fits nearly every hand size.


Grooved buttons and a clickable scroll-wheel.

The PRF Mouse Wireless has five buttons and a clickable scroll-wheel. The left- and right click buttons are grooved, so your fingertips rest conveniently in a shallow groove on the buttons. This makes sure, that you have good grip of the mouse. The thumb buttons allow you to go easily to the previous or next page, so you can work more efficient. The clickable scroll-wheel is made of non-slip material. As soon as you click on the scroll-wheel, you can scroll even faster over long pages.

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