Q-doc 100 Document Holder

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Document holder with low rear edge for low monitor positions.

Product Description

The Q-doc 100 is a basic, ergonomic document holder, which is ideal for low monitor positions. With this document holder you work in a body-centred position and your viewing angle on the documents is optimised. The Q-doc 100 document holder is made of clear, sustainable acrylic material and is strong enough to support heavy folders up to 5 kg. There is enough space for your keyboard under the Q-doc 100. The edge ensures that your documents do not slip off the document holder. This document holder is available with or without foam edge. The foam edge might be more comfortable when you are taking notes. Improve your posture, optimise your viewing angle, and work ergonomically in one line with the Q-doc 100.


Low height at rear edge.

The Q-doc 100 document holder is especially created for users, who have their monitor at a low position. The height at the rear edge of this document holder is just 100 mm high and makes sure, that the Q-doc 100 stills fits perfectly underneath your monitor. The inclination angle of the storage surface is ideal for a good and healthy viewing angle down to your documents.


The right body posture.

Place the Q-doc 100 document holder between your keyboard and your screen, and put documents, books, notes, or mobile devices, straight in front of you on the slightly inclined surface. Your documents are no longer spread around on your desk. You will work in one line and avoid automatically twisting of your neck and upper body. In addition, the shorter viewing distances between monitor, document and keyboard ensure greater efficiency. This ergonomic document holder ensures a healthier way of working and increases your performance at work.
​​​​​​​Make the most of the space between the screen and the keyboard, and work with a healthy posture in one line.

Place documents, books, folders, notes or even a mobile phone on it, and increase with the perfect viewing angle your comfort and efficiency.
Keep your desk tidy. This ensures a better concentration and higher productivity.


Ergonomic background

Placing documents on the left, right or even directly in front of the keyboard, leads automatically to twisting and bending the neck, and to focus the eyes more often. This puts extra strain on your neck muscles and eyes.

This can easily be avoided by placing a document holder between the screen and the keyboard. In this way, you automatically work in one line, because your documents are lying in the perfect viewing angle right in front of you on the inclined surface of the document holder. Your neck and eyes are relieved, and you immediately ensure a much more comfortable and ergonomic screen workplace

Sliding edge.

The Q-doc 100 is moulded from a cast acrylic and has a well finished edge on the front. This edge prevents documents or mobile devices from sliding down. A simple detail with great benefit. The 505 mm x 285 mm storage surface can not only hold notepads, but also large folders. The load capacity of the Q-doc 100 document holder is 5 kg. So, you can also put heavy books and folders on this ergonomic document holder.

More neatness.

Your documents are lying all over your desk, there is no order, and it is not as to find a certain note? With the Q-doc 100 document holder you not only improve you posture while reading your documents, but you also organise your desk better. This document holder keeps papers and mobile devices easily accessible, comfortably positioned and organised on your storage surface right in front of you. You’d like to leave your workspace the end of your workday clean? Easily slide your keyboard below the 43 mm front edge of the Q-doc 100 and leave your desk clean.

Sustainable acrylic.

The Q-doc 100 document holder is made from ecological materials. The material of this document holder is sustainable acrylic, which contains of 100 % recycled materials and can in turn be 100 % recycled. With this product the life-cycle of cast acrylic can be increased and at the same time the use of raw materials is reduced and the carbon foot-print from sheet production is also reduced. An environmentally friendly product, which makes a positive contribution to the environment.

Acrylic design.

The Q-doc 100 document holder is made of the high-quality acrylic material. The
high-quality acrylic frame and storage surface of this document holder is robust and long-lasting. It is produced in the Netherlands and dutch design.

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