Q-doc 515 Circular Document Holder

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Sustainable, adjustable document holder with a large surface. 100% resource-efficient circular design.

Product Description

The Q-doc 515 Circular ergonomic document holder ensures that your documents and mobile devices are lying right in front of you in one line between your monitor and keyboard in the perfect viewing angle. This prevents physical discomfort in your neck and back, because you don’t have to bend your neck while reading your documents. The Q-doc 515 Circular is made of highly stable and recycled PET-felt material. This document holder is in four steps height adjustable and has an exceptionally large surface even for A3 documents as well as heavy folders. The Q-doc 515 Circular is a great ergonomic accessory for every desk, which supports you to work healthier and to increase your performance at work.

The right body posture.

You’d like to view both monitor screen and hard copy documents in a more comfortable and ergonomic way at the same time? With the Q-doc 515 Circular document holder this is possible. Align your documents in line with your natural eyeline, this runs from screen to keyboard. By positioning your documents in front of you on the slightly inclined surface of the document holder, you prevent bending and turning of your head and neck down to the documents. This ergonomic document holder ensures a healthier way of working and increases your productivity during your work day.

Place documents, books, folders, notes or even a mobile phone on it, and increase with the perfect viewing angle your comfort and efficiency.
Make the most of the space between the screen and the keyboard, and work with a healthy posture in one line.

Sustainable material.

The Q-doc 515 Circular consists of 100 % recycled materials and is therefore an environmentally friendly product. This document holder is made of PET-felt, and this material is recycled PET bottles. Although the PET-felt material appears soft, the Q-doc 515 Circular is as strong as other materials for example acrylic. The PET-felt is robust, easy to clean, UV stabilised and not easily flammable.
  • The grey mottled material makes the Q-doc 515 Circular a nice accessory on every desk, for the fixed workplace, the shared-desk or for your home-office.

Four heights.

You can choose the perfect reading height and angle for your documents with the Q-doc 515 Circular. This document holder is adjustable in four positions. Simply loosen the four screws and adjust the Q-doc 515 Circular between 95 mm and 150 mm. This allows you to achieve your perfect viewing height, and you will automatically sit in an upright position while working.
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Large storage surface.

The Q-doc 515 Circular document holder has a large storage surface of 450 mm x 295 mm. This document holder is appropriate for A4 and A3 documents, note pads or heavy files up to a maximum weight of 5 kg. You can also place mobile devices on the surface, like a mobile or tablet to read off digital notes. The useful sliding edge prevents the documents from slipping down.
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Organised desk.

With the Q-doc 515 Circular document holder you can make proper use of the space between your monitor and keyboard. Reduce desktop clutter and position your documents neatly on the document holder in front of you. The raised bottom edge allows the keyboard to be easily slid under the document holder when not in use. You can organise your desk better with the help of the Q-doc 515 Circular.
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Warm design.

The PET-felt material of the Q-doc 515 Circular gives this document holder a warm and natural appearance. PET-felt material seems to be simple, but is rather a stylish, unobtrusive enrichment of your desk. This monitor stand is developed in the Netherlands and is Dutch design.


It’s recyclable.

The Q-doc 515 Circular is 100 % recyclable. With this sustainable and environmentally friendly product line, we’d like to make a difference for our environment. We follow the “3Rs”: Reducing waste, Re-using products and Recycling material, this is all according to the idea of the circular economy.


from the plastic bottle to our circular line product:

Plastic bottles are collected, shredded, and processed into flakes. Those are processed again into a granulate, and out of this, PET felt sheets are made for our “Circular-Line products”. Those products can be returned (when a new circular product has been purchased and we deliver the new product, BakkerElkhuizen will take back the old products to be reused again) to us and recycled. In short, 100% resource-efficient.

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