True Back W.A.S.P – Wrist and Arm Support Platform (single)

£23.95 + VAT

These supports were developed to combat the increasing number of casualties, which arise each year as a result of inadequate limb support during keyboard and mouse use. Providing comfortable support and freedom of movement for both wrists and forearms, the W.A.S.P. allows users to glide around their working environment with no loss of circulation in the hands or wrists.

Product Description

The W.A.S.P. accommodates complete freedom of movement, enabling all keyboard and mouse tasks to be undertaken whilst offering the full weight of the forearms and hands to be carried within its cushioned cradle.

This innovative cushioned cradle incorporates a unique recessed area allowing unimpeded blood flow through the wrist into the hand.

Tests have shown that a restricted blood flow in this area when coupled to muscle fatigue, can result in tissue degradation, the release of lactic acid, Cytokines and other pain inducing inflammatory substances.

  • Fixed height wrist and arm support
  • Winged cradle
  • Stable plastic stand
  • Diameter of the base is: 9cm
  • length: 12cm
  • Width 10cm

Additional information


15-17" Displays, 10-13" Displays


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