What is an Ergonomic Assessment?

What is an Ergonomic Assessment?

Are you wondering what an ergonomic assessment is? Or perhaps you’re waiting to have your assessment and want to know more about the process?

Remtek Workplace ergonomic assessments go above and beyond the industry standard. Our professional assessors are trained in ergonomic principles, postural analysis and a wide product range.

Every assessment starts with the individual. We never make assumptions based on someone’s contact details or “known issues”.

What is an Ergonomic Assessment?

How we start

We start by conducting a pre-visit phone consultation or email to give our assessors an overview of an individual’s needs. This also helps to address any of the individual’s concerns. We explain our covid-safe procedures, and individuals are given an opportunity to discuss any known health issues.

An ergonomic assessment typically includes an analysis of an individual’s work environment and a discussion of the obstacles they face each day. Our first priority is utilising their existing equipment, providing advice, making equipment or postural adjustments and making additional recommendations which would aid in resolving DSE related issues. 

During the process of conducting a DSE assessment, one of our certified DSE assessors will complete an onsite survey. They will then complete a comprehensive report highlighting findings, adjustments, and further recommendations.

Any problems with an individual’s current setup, along with suitable recommendations for resolving those issues can be highlighted here.

Our assessors will always discuss recommendations with the individual prior to it being added to the report to make sure they are comfortable.

Typical DSE assessments would all do the above, however, as well as this, we bring the showroom to the client.

We provide a comprehensive evaluation of input and pointing devices, wrist, arm, and footrests, monitor arms, laptop/tablet stands and many more pieces of ergonomic equipment.

We also offer seating evaluations, where, as well as taking anthropometric (body) measurements, we provide a guided evaluation of several ergonomic chairs.

Our newest innovation is the Sculptchair®. We take a base chair and personalise it to the customer while onsite, with 6 different seat sizes, 6 back shapes, 2 different neck rests, and 2 styles of armrest, there are numerous combinations and bespoke options available. By doing so, we can ensure that the correct chair is always recommended.

Individuals can also test out different options inside the chair right there onsite, including the ability to adjust the lumbar, thoracic, or triple reactive back support. Rather than simply measuring them and allowing them to choose a colour, this means chairs can actually be tried out at their workstation. Choosing a colour of a chair is an option, but choosing an ergonomic workstation that is fully supportive is a top priority.

Getting started

We offer commercial partnership packages for businesses looking to make staff as comfortable as possible, student assessments through the DSA industry and one-off assessments for individuals working from home.

For more information on ergonomics and our detailed assessments take a look at our full product range!

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