What’s new in Glean

What’s new in Glean

Glean is a personal study app that helps people become more effective note takers and retain more information.

As the needs and challenges of Glean’s users are ever-evolving, Glean continues to strive for new ways to improve, to serve its users better and to make note taking as easy and effective as possible.

To showcase how their technology has evolved over the past 12 months, Glean are hosting a webinar series throughout January entitled  “Glean in Review: A Look Back at 2023 and Ahead to 2024”.

The sessions will recap and demonstrate all the latest feature releases from 2023 and give an exclusive sneak peek at what’s coming in 2024 including an exclusive announcement!

To give you a flavour of how they have iteratively improved their technology ahead of the webinar series, we’ll highlight some of the key features from 2023 and explore how they have helped our users become better learners.

Flexible Layouts

Everyone has their own preferred way to use Glean and the Flexible Layouts release supports users in their pursuit to personalise their setup. Users can customise Glean to a layout that best suits them and their needs by selecting which panes appear at any given time.


Importing Audio

Glean understands that a live recording isn’t always possible, especially in this age of virtual and asynchronous events. Now users can import audio directly into Glean whilst maintaining access to all the note taking functionality they’re used to.

Glean 2

Glean Notes Mobile App

The mobile app has also undergone extensive enhancement over the last year to ensure learners get the same great experience across all devices.

These updates include the ability to: 

  • Generate transcripts
  • Add definitions
  • Import, replace and delete slides
  • Add due dates to tasks

And there you have it, a whistle-stop tour of just some of the new features that have come to Glean in 2023. To see them in action, and to get a sneak preview of what you can expect in 2024, join one of the “Glean in Review: A Look Back at 2023 and Ahead to 2024” webinars this January.. You won’t want to miss it!

Glean in Review: A Look Back at 2023 and Ahead to 2024 Dates – click the link below to register


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