Logitech M575 Wireless Trackball

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Minimize movement and maximize comfort with Logitech M575 – a wireless trackball with a sculpted ergonomic shape.

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Product Description

With no need to move your arm around to move the cursor, your hand and arm stay relaxed. The smooth and responsive thumb control can be used anywhere – and since it doesn’t need to be moved – Logitech M575 is perfect for tight desk spaces.

Logitech M575 has been designed and developed to ergonomically fit the shape of your hand. And with no need to move your arm around to move the cursor you’ll reduce fatigue in your hand and arm.

Get on a more ergonomic track with exceptionally precise trackball control. Your thumb will glide across the smooth ball surface with total ease thanks to transparent finish coating. And the high-performance optical sensor matches great accuracy with ultra-low power consumption.

With two ways to connect – via Bluetooth® Low Energy or the included USB receiver – Logitech M575 provides a powerful, reliable signal from up to 10 m away. Connect to either Windows or macOS and never worry about drop-offs or laggy connections.

Stay powered up to 2 years on a single AA with the included Unifying USB receiver and up to 20 months using Bluetooth Low Energy.

  • 10 x 4.8 x 13.4cm
  • Weight: 900g

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