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We are leading the way with bespoke ergonomic seating that is handmade in Great Britain. All chairs built with our partner come with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty and are delivered within 10 working days!


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Lydia Arnold
Lydia Arnold
5. April, 2024.
I had my ergonomic assessment from both Tony & Dan today (as part of my DSA support for my university course). They arrived together punctually, having rang me first to confirm that I was happy for both gentlemen to attend together. Both were incredibly friendly from the get go and really made me feel at ease. This was really appreciated as I had never had an assessment in my own home before… Not only this, but the actual assessment that they conducted was incredibly thorough. They initially asked me a brief set of questions and I then filled in a multiple choice form also. This went on to formulate their support recommendations for specific equipment, all of which was clearly articulated to me at every stage. To aid this process, they also brought in multiple pieces of sample equipment into the environment where I required them (in my case, my bedroom). If there was more than one option for me (such as a chair or a computer mouse) they explained the differences, benefits and potential drawbacks (in relation to my condition, not the actual equipment itself I must add). Similarly, they enabled me to ‘practice’ on each piece so I could get a good feel of what would be best for me - This was invaluable. When, after this, I still had a few other questions, they answered them no problem - They never made me feel like I was a burden and were both very reassuring throughout. Whilst they did this consistently (it was evident they were both very experienced), in the event they were unsure (e.g details RE: my own specific tablet device etc), they promptly sought advice from their colleagues via phone so that I was informed immediately. They left no stone unturned from start to finish! In summary: My assessment itself was faultless and - in my view at least - genuinely couldn’t have been completed by two more skilled and friendly professionals. Not only were Tony & Dan a huge credit to Remtek as a company, but they were a credit to themselves as genuinely lovely people. Thank you so much guys! I hope this will be the start of something great for me RE: my studies and cannot express my gratitude enough - to you both - for taking the time (and incredibly long car ride!) to help a girl out. All the best and take care, Lydia :) x
m B
m B
4. April, 2024.
Rich S was great! Really friendly , no question was too silly. Explained everything really clearly and broke everything down simply enough. I feel really confident with using the software which can be a bit intimidating at first glance. A true professional thank you :)
Anne-Marie McDonald
Anne-Marie McDonald
4. April, 2024.
This was my first session of Assisted Technology Training facilitated by Tom Ashton. He had a very positive, empathetic approach, patient, respectful, supportive and professional. He instantly put me at my ease and guided me through the steps/stages. He demonstrated what each tool was used for, what it could do, how they worked and then let me have a go to explore/experiment what each feature could do. Before moving on to the next step he asked if I had any questions throughout the process. A therapeutic, informative & interactive session. Thank you! Another session with Tom Ashton today! I learned a lot about the use of the read/write tools and features, Dragon etc., and with clear instruction I was able to navigate it well. However at one stage in the session I felt a little anxious. He was calm and patient and he allowed me to pause until I was ready to continue. I now know which tools I will be using the most to support me through my studies. Informative, reassuring, animated and interactive session. Thanks!
Bethany Thornton
Bethany Thornton
3. April, 2024.
Today was brilliant, the trainer Tom Ashton was great. Very informative and also fun which kept me engaged in the training.That is a difficult feat due to my ADHD, I find it difficult to stay focused and this session was really good and I've very happy that the knowledge with stay firmly in place :) thanks again. B.J.Dasent
Karen Black
Karen Black
3. April, 2024.
A massive thank you to Chris and the team at Remtek Systems for transforming my study space. The process was simple from start to finish and everything happened as promised. Chris was the most kindest and understanding chap who talked me through my options and later delivered and installed the same. It is beyond words to be able to have some pain taken away by having proper 'fitted' furniture. Thank you so much to you all.
Annie Mandix
Annie Mandix
2. April, 2024.
"This was my first session with Tom Ashton, as my previous facilitator had been changed for a reason I am unaware of. I was late for the session, but Tom was very supportive, respectful, calm and patient with me. He put me at ease and guided me through each step, demonstrating what each tool was used for, what it could do, and how it worked. He checked on me regularly to ensure I understood everything by asking questions, which I appreciated. The best thing was that we worked until the last minute of my session, which is something I had not experienced before."
Bunmi Braimo
Bunmi Braimo
2. April, 2024.
It was great experience with Rebecca and well explainatory
Steven Oldham
Steven Oldham
29. March, 2024.
Fantastic service from Remtek, helpful and friendly from start to finish. The installation of equipment from Dan was very professional, all work done quickly and neat and tidy. Will make a massive difference to my wife's life.
Oren Anderson
Oren Anderson
28. March, 2024.
Had the first session with Scott Ambler today.They explained everything clearly and made the process interesting and easy to understand
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Remtek are an Assistive Technology Service Provider with a desire to ensure everybody is able to fulfil their potential.

This mindset has enabled us to develop our business in the area of disabled computer users where we are constantly seeking to improve the service and support we provide.
We are proud of the fact that we have enabled thousands of students and workers over the years, to get the most from their Assistive technology, and pursue their educational and work goals.

We are the most reviewed A.T.S.P. in the U.K. With over 400 5 Star reviews on Google.

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