Work Comfortably in Your Environment.

Work Comfortably in Your Environment

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We enable you to thrive, by designing a working environment that works for you

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Disability Inclusion Training

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Assistive Technology Training

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Our Happy Customers!

Fowzia Khatun
Fowzia Khatun
7. September, 2022.
Today's familiarisation session was extremely useful. Gabriel was very friendly, helpful and patient. 10/10 service!
claire gibney
claire gibney
7. September, 2022.
Ross from Remtek was really helpful with the installation of my software, he took the time to thoroughly sit and educate me on the software, I now feel confident to use it going forward and wish Ross all the best for the future.
Hannah Mallinson
Hannah Mallinson
7. September, 2022.
amazing service from Remtek support trainer John Michael, was very friendly and patient.
Ella Sunderland
Ella Sunderland
7. September, 2022.
Fabian, an engineer from Remtek assessed me for equipment via DSA (Disabled Student Allowance). He was very knowledgeable about my condition and knew exactly what I needed. He had some brilliant ideas that I didn’t think of. I can’t thank him enough and fully recommended this company.
Olivia Obiako
Olivia Obiako
7. September, 2022.
I had a session with Gabriel. he was really friendly and easy to talk to, and explained everything well. very good session thank you!
phoebe stockton
phoebe stockton
6. September, 2022.
Gabriel was great, super clear and easy instructions to follow! Very helpful!
Christopher Williams
Christopher Williams
6. September, 2022.
Top marks for my support given today, Fabian was able to chalk me through the set up with ease.
maisie lambert
maisie lambert
6. September, 2022.
Gabriel was really helpful, everything was set up quickly and efficiently.
Mike Ellis
Mike Ellis
5. September, 2022.
Technical set up support provided by Gabriel was great. he was so helpful and delivered everything in a friendly and relaxed manner at a speed I was comfortable with - great service
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About Remtek Workplace

Remtek are an Assistive Technology Service Provider with a desire to ensure everybody is able to fulfil their potential.

This mindset has enabled us to develop our business in the area of disabled computer users where we are constantly seeking to improve the service and support we provide.
We are proud of the fact that we have enabled thousands of students and workers over the years, to get the most from their Assistive technology, and pursue their educational and work goals.

We are the most reviewed A.T.S.P. in the U.K. With over 400 5 Star reviews on Google.

Find out more about ‘Access to work‘ and ‘Office chair minimum requirements‘ by downloading our leaflets.

Popular Ergonomics Products

Browse our range of popular products and discover which items will best support you in your working environment.

For any advice or guidance on which items will best support you contact us – we’re here to help.

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£92.90 + VAT

Ergo Q260 Laptop Stand

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£16.65 + VAT

Imak Ergobeads Wrist Cushion for Mouse

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£36.99 + VAT

Microsoft Sculpt ergonomic mouse

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£114.99 + VAT

Goldtouch V2 adjustable comfort keyboard

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£70.99 + VAT

ErgoRest 330 Series Armrest Support

Easy riser 1

£14.99 + VAT

Kensington SmartFit™ Easy Riser™ Laptop Cooling Stand

View our full range of Ergonomic Products

All products come with full customer support


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Contact Remtek

If you have a query or would like some advice on our products or services, please get in touch, and one of our friendly team members will be happy to talk to you.

Remtek Systems

Providing assistive technology services, training and advice

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Providing DSA students with useful advice and guidance

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Delivering reliable ergonomic assessments and equipment

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