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Work Comfortably in Your Environment

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We enable you to thrive, by designing a working environment that works for you.


Disability Inclusion Training

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Assistive Technology Training

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Our Happy Customers!

Chloe Archer
Chloe Archer
4. May, 2022.
john-michael was absolutely great to work with, so patient and informative. It was so easy to book and manage my sessions, although an online booking system that I can control would be preffered.
Awakening Women’s Ministry
Awakening Women’s Ministry
29. April, 2022.
Ross was incredibly helpful in my training. He gave me a thorough overview of how to use my software, making sure I understood each element. He also offered me extra training for the previous software I had received previously, incase I needed a recap. Thank you!
ben mckearney
ben mckearney
28. April, 2022.
Great support from Ross. Very helpful and very clear understanding.
Zoe Draper-thomas
Zoe Draper-thomas
27. April, 2022.
Ross is a great trainer. He was patient when explaining the software and made sure I had a good understanding before moving on to the next step by asking if I needed further explanation or any questions to ask.
Jenson Thomas
Jenson Thomas
27. April, 2022.
Very helpful staff (John Michael), clear instructions which made the software really easy to use. Very friendly and understanding. Would definitely recommend!
Grace Anderson
Grace Anderson
27. April, 2022.
had a really good easy session with John Micheal, super clear thank you!
Antony Hyde
Antony Hyde
26. April, 2022.
Great job start to finish. Had a ergonomic assessment and training on software. Excellent service and staff
Melanie Hart-Murison
Melanie Hart-Murison
26. April, 2022.
Ross has been a patient, thorough and friendly trainer with really great knowledge of the programs he has worked through with me. He makes sure of my intentions on how I will access or use the program to tailor the training appropriately. Really pleased!
Rebecca Jackson
Rebecca Jackson
25. April, 2022.
I have had wonderful support from Remtek, especially from John-Michael (hope I spelt that right) who supported me to learn the software, he is friendly, informative and very patient with me. He went the through the software with me at a pace I could keep up with, he checked in regularly if I had any questions or if we needed to go back over anything. He made sure I knew that I could email him if I got stuck using the software at any point between sessions and that he would answer my questions as soon as possible. They also allow you time to get familiar with the software and then book in for a recap/catchup session which is great. you get the feeling that they want to see you succeed using the software which gives you a big confidence boost. I would confidently recommend Remtek to anyone especially students with learning disabilities/difficulties. Fingers crossed you get John-Michael, he is a star.
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About Remtek Workplace

Remtek are an Assistive Technology Service Provider with a desire to ensure everybody is able to fulfil their potential.

This mindset has enabled us to develop our business in the area of disabled computer users where we are constantly seeking to improve the service and support we provide.
We are proud of the fact that we have enabled thousands of students and workers over the years, to get the most from their Assistive technology, and pursue their educational and work goals.

We are the most reviewed A.T.S.P. in the U.K. With over 400 5 Star reviews on Google.

Find out more about ‘Access to work‘ and ‘Office chair minimum requirements‘ by downloading our leaflets.

Popular Ergonomics Products

Browse our range of popular products and discover which items will best support you in your working environment.

For any advice or guidance on which items will best support you contact us – we’re here to help.

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£92.90 + VAT

Ergo Q260 Laptop Stand

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£16.65 + VAT

Imak Ergobeads Wrist Cushion for Mouse

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£36.99 + VAT

Microsoft Sculpt ergonomic mouse

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£114.99 + VAT

Goldtouch V2 adjustable comfort keyboard

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£70.99 + VAT

ErgoRest 330 Series Armrest Support

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£14.99 + VAT

Kensington SmartFit™ Easy Riser™ Laptop Cooling Stand

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If you have a query or would like some advice on our products or services, please get in touch, and one of our friendly team members will be happy to talk to you.

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