Ergonomic Cafe Copywriter

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The COPYWRITER has been specifically designed for people who take notes or write at the workstation.

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Product Description

The Copywriter sits between the keyboard and the monitor to aid the user as an in-line ergonomic document holder. And when the user wishes to write or take notes, the unit can be easily and quickly pulled over the keyboard to the front of the desk and simply write directly on the unit with a whiteboard marker, or write on paper. The front of the Copywriter is simply positioned to overhang the front edge of the desk. This innovative process both sets the unit at an ergonomic writing angle of 20 degrees, and also resists the unit from moving whilst writing. Then simply lift and push back to a copy holder position in seconds!

The Copywriter allows you to correctly bring the document to you, rather than being forced to lean forward to reach the document and place extra strain on your upper limbs.

  • Document holder, writing slope, whiteboard feature and removable Shelf
  • 2 Angles (Copyholder 14°) – (writing Slope 20°).
  • Internal dimensions: W 498mm, D 320mm, H 63mm(At front) Weight: 1.5kg.

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