Claroread V10 Windows

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ClaroRead Windows supports reading and writing. ClaroRead is a simple, easy-to-use and flexible software program that helps you to read, write, study, sit exams, and increase your confidence. You can read any on-screen text out loud and improve your writing in Microsoft Word. ClaroRead Plus and Pro also let you read aloud scanned paper books and documents.

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Product Description

• Reads Microsoft Word, Adobe Reader, OpenOffice/LibreOffice, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer with speech and highlighting so you can follow the text as it is read out by high-quality human-sounding speech.

• Reads text in email, webpages, and any other program you want by selecting with the mouse, pointing with the mouse, or capturing from the screen.

• Read paper documents with scanning (OCR). ClaroRead Plus and Pro only.

• Reads English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish and twenty-four other languages with 80 different voices and accents so you can listen to a voice you like.

• Choose highlighting by word, by sentence, any colour, and lots of combinations so you can get just the right one for you.

• Suggest words as you type to help with spelling and writing.

• Choice of high-frequency, many subject-specific, and huge prediction dictionaries.

• Phonetic prediction – type “n”, see “knowledge” suggested.

• Learn new predictions as you type or train it in a particular subject.

• Control Dragon’s microphone using ClaroRead’s Dictate button, so you only need one floating toolbar on your screen.

• Echo back text automatically, as soon as Dragon recognises it, so you can check that it has been recognised correctly.

• ClaroRead Plus and Pro only (Dragon software is not included).

• Write down the text you speak using the dictation feature.

• Listen back to your text after you have written – hear mistakes you can’t spot when you read.

• Listen to each word or sentence as you type so you can hear mistakes immediately.

• Speaking spellcheck lets you select the word you want by hearing the alternatives.

• Support for homophones and easily-confused words like “there” and “their” and “they’re” including images to help you select the correct word.

• Advanced phonetic, dyslexic and problem spelling corrections like “neel” (kneel) and “necessary”.

• Check anywhere, in email or Google Chrome, not just Microsoft Word.

• Speaking dictionary for any word in any program with over 300,000 English definitions.

• Thesaurus to help with comprehension.

• Change font and text to make it easier to read.

• Change screen colours to reduce contrast and make reading more comfortable.

• Read text into an audio or video file to listen to later (on your phone, on the move, for study).

• Make any text displayed on the screen read aloud, including online eBooks and presentations.

ClaroRead Plus and Pro only.

• Use industry-leading OmniPage technology to convert printed documents and image files into PDF, Word and many other formats for reading and annotation later.

• Create accessible PDF files with reading order.

• Improve spelling by listening the sound of each letter rather than its name.

• Pictures in word prediction to help you choose the right word.

ClaroRead Plus and Pro only. See this support article for information about how to unlock the apps.



Claro ScanPen

• Create a portable USB pen drive version of any ClaroRead to let you use it on any computer.

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ClaroRead Plus and ClaroRead Pro (but not ClaroRead SE) include all of the following:


Reading ruler and screen colour tinter. Helps anyone who has problems keeping focus while reading.


Study tool. Capture images and text from web pages and documents to help write essays and organise references.


Screen colour overlay tool. Helps dyslexic students focus on the screen and read.


Easy-to-use mind mapping and idea capturing tool.

Claro Voice Setup

Download and install any of 80 voices in 30 languages.

Speaking Calculator

Speaking calculator echoes back numbers and results.

(Pro and Plus) iPhone / iPad Apps

ClaroRead Plus/Pro includes the ability to unlock the pro features in our iOS apps (ClaroSpeak,ClaroPDF and Claro ScanPen).

Claro AudioNote

Record lectures straight into your handouts, make voice notes, and listen back to recordings made on popular devices.

Save to Video

Convert text documents into video files.

Auto Converter 

Auto Converter takes any document you drop into a special folder and OCRs or scans it automatically to create accessible versions without you needing to do anything else.

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